Deeper Learning 2019

I let this blog languish during my first year back in the classroom, but I started thinking about it again when I made my professional goals for the 2018-2019 academic year. One of my major goals was to present at an education conference.

In March of last year, I attended the Deeper Learning conference and loved it. I found it online as a "can't miss" conference and I was especially interested in the focus on student-driven learning and equity in the classroom. I was approved to go and brought three colleagues. It was such a positive experience. As a field, education can be negative in many ways (a topic for a later post), but people at this conference were pumped. Inspired. It was just what I needed at that point in the year. I attended two main keynotes, a series of 90 minute workshops, and a "Deep Dive" session (a workshop lasting all day, resulting in a finished product and presentation). As I made my way through the workshops, I thought of how my student-led discussion format might be a good fit for a presentation. I ran it by a presenter and she agreed. I went back to school, our group did several professional development sessions on what we learned at the conference, and I mulled over a potential proposal.

I was in France for the entirety of last summer. My husband and I are both on nine-month contracts, so we use the summer to escape the humid southeast and travel. I was mostly focused on preparing to teach AP English Language and a section of honors freshmen. I put the presentation on the back burner. In November, I wrote a proposal and it was accepted in January. You can read about me and my session here. I will be posting my materials on Sched later this week.

My workshop is on student-led discussion; in other words, how to facilitate an opportunity for students to develop their own critical reading/analysis process, from annotation through reflection. We will focus on identifying effective annotation techniques, developing effective questions using sentence starters, constructing a Harkness-type discussion using real time audio and video, and wrapping up with rubrics and reflection. I am really excited and honored that people would decide to choose my session. This conference is expensive and there are a lot of sessions on offer. I hope that the attendees will find it fun and helpful. I am really looking forward to the sessions that I have selected in the afternoon on Wednesday, my Deep Dive on Thursday, and my sessions on Friday.

Going forward, I hope to use this blog to work on my writing and reflection.  I have decided to remove myself from social media (I will discuss how it is going in a future post), and I really want to focus on personal and professional growth. I will be writing about personal and professional goals, education strategies, books, lifestyle, and travel. If no one reads it other than me, I am fine with that. But I do think it would be an interesting experiment, and I hope to connect with people on a more meaningful level.

Thanks for reading.


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